and the warm sunshine on your skin. Listen to the gentle sound of the waves. Can you hear the seagulls in the distance?

All photos available for purchase, with or without quotes.

​Living & Dreaming a Beach Cottage Life with René Marie Photography: Inspiring each other with optimism, compassion, gratitude & grace. Walks on the Beach, Coastal Vintage Chic, Toes in the Sand, Beach Bicycles... Sunsets & Sweet Dreams. 
A Warm & Happy Welcome- I'm delighted to have you aboard! ~René

Take a moment to be still, right there at the water's edge. Breathe deep, the sea air. Feel the sand between your toes

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pure beach or coastal quotes...

Need some beach therapy? 

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spiral bound, each 8.5x11" photo 

printed on luxurious satin paper.

​"Pure Beach" or "Coastal Quotes"

Take another deep breath... put that feeling in your pocket & take it out whenever you need it today!

Beach Cottage Life