2017 Calendar Locations


January: Pelican Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

February: Florida's Gulf Coast

March: Florida's Gulf Coast

April: Mid-Atlantic Coast, U.S.

May: Longboat Key

June: Florida's Gulf Coast

July: St. Pete's Beach

August: Venice Beach

September: Anna Maria Island

October: Seaside Park

November: Bahama Out Islands

December: North Jersey Shore

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2016 Calendar Locations


January: Longboat Key

February: Florida's Gulf Coast

March: Florida's Gulf Coast

April: Bayhead, NJ

May: North Jersey Shore

June: Ocean Beach

July: Anna Maria Island

August: St. Pete Beach

September: Gulf Coast Florida

October: Seaside Park, NJ

November: Florida's Gulf Coast

December: Longboat Key, FL

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2017 Calendar Locations


January: Roatan Island

February: Bahama Out Islands

March: Longboat Key

April: Sarasota

May: Florida's Gulf Coast

June: Seaside Park

July: Island Beach State Park

August: Mid-Atlantic Coast, U.S.

September: Anna Maria Island

October: Mid-Atlantic Coast, U.S.

November: Sisal, Mexico

December: North Jersey Shore

2016 Calendar Locations


January: Gulf Coast, Florida

February: Sarasota

March: Clearwater

April: Gulf Coast, Florida

May: Siesta Key

June: Seaside Park, NJ

July: Anna Maria Island

August: Florida's Gulf Coast

September: Bayhead, NJ

October: Longboat Key 

November: Gulf Coast

December: Siesta Key