Beach Cottage Life

Walk with me to the edge of the dock;
sit for a while and dangle your feet just over the water.
Breathe deep, the sea air... can you feel the warm sunshine on your skin? Hear the seagulls in the distance? 

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You just never know what's going to pop up around here; but one thing is for sure: Beach Cottage Life will always seek to inspire seaside living with optimism, compassion, gratitude & grace. We're all about walks on the beach, coastal vintage chic, toes in the sand, beach bicycles... sunsets & sweet dreams. Life is Good, and we like to celebrate that around here.

Take another deep breath​​ go, take on the day!
A warm and happy welcome- I'm delighted to have you aboard! ~René

​Living and Dreaming a Shabby Chic, Beach Cottage Life
with René Marie Photography

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